Three Words Converted into 169 Words… My English Descriptive Paragraph.

Telling Sentence: I was exhausted.

Descriptive Paragraph:

I dragged myself up the stairs, muscles screaming and protesting with every step. The only thought keeping me going was, “once I get this bag upstairs I can lay down and sleep”. Finishing the last few grueling steps, I shuffled my way into the living room and finally set the beast of a bag down with a dull clunk. Standing up again without it on my back almost gave the sensation that I was so light I would just float up into the air. Almost, because I felt at the same time that I would spontaneously fall to the ground in a deep slumber. Looking longingly at the couch, but knowing if I sat down I would never get back up, I half walked, half crawled my way up the second set of stairs in my house. I reached my room and sank into my awaiting bed. Fatigue took over and I was snoring softly, unaware of the world around me, before I could even get under the covers.

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