Everything, Everything – Novel Response #1

In this scene, Maddy defies her mom, and sees Ollie, even though it has a chance of compromising her health. What impresses me about Maddy is that she is able to take that risk despite never really knowing anyone except Carla and her Mom, because she thinks meeting Ollie can bring her life to a better standard. She puts herself outside her comfort zone, even though it makes her nervous, “My heart speeds up like I’m doing something illicit.” (75). It shows one of her strengths; she is a strong character and will do what she believes is right. Maddy just wants to have a normal life, but she also doesn’t want to defy her mom or get sick, which causes her internal conflict. I feel that this scene is very effective in showing Maddy’s development, and shows her finally breaking out of her shell, and becoming a fluid character. I agree with Maddy’s actions, because Ollie follows all the correct procedures, so there is no reason why he will make Maddy sick. He even stays all the way across the room to ensure Maddy’s safety, “I move to the couch and sit. He leans on a rock wall across the room.” (73). The decision that Maddy makes relates to my life with almost every decision I make, in the way that there is a risk and reward to everything, and you have to weigh out which is greater before you decide whether or not to do something. I would handle this conflict in a slightly different way than Maddy, in that I would reason through the situation with my mom and make my opinions known before going behind her back. I believe that Maddy is a role model in a way, because she shows that people should be able to make their own decisions in life, and can’t let decisions be made for them. This demonstrates Maddy “Showing respect for everyone’s rights”(BC curriculum’s Social Responsibility Competency overview). However, she is not a role model in the way that she decides to see Ollie – a secret plan with Carla. This part is not socially responsible, as she is not “Collaborating effectively with others,” or “Demonstrating a strong sense of community-mindedness” (BC curriculum’s Social Responsibility Competency overview).

One thought on “Everything, Everything – Novel Response #1”

  1. Tori,

    An excellent first response to your independent novel study.

    – This piece demonstrates a clear understanding and engagement with Maddy’s wants, fears, and conflicts. I especially appreciate the use of literary language discussed in class (internal/external conflicts).
    – Very strong connections and critique of social responsibility within the text. Ideas are supported with evidence and explained clearly. Bravo!

    – Speak to me briefly for some tips on how to more fully integrate your quotations / evidence within your writing. With a few little tweaks, your examples will be even stronger than they already are.

    I am looking forward to reading your final responses!

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