Why Julie Payette? – My Eminent Introductory Post

Julie Payette is my eminent person this year. It took me quite a while to decide on this, and I went through a few other options first: Marlee Matlin, Julie Andrews, and Craig Kielburger. However, I wasn’t 100 percent satisfied with any of those choices, so I continued to research. Then, my mom was listening to CBC radio and heard about Julie Payette: Canada’s Governer General as of September. She brought up the name to me, so I started to do a bit of research on her, and decided that Julie Payette would be a perfect eminent person.

Payette has quite a few similarities to me. One big thing that drew me to her is that she is a classically trained singer, but that is not her main passion or career. This is similar to me because I am a singer. I do want to become a fully trained singer, and to have singing be a big part of my life, but I have other passions and career paths that I want to follow, just like Payette.  As well as this, Julie Payette and I are both females, grew up in Canada, and have at least one sibling. Payette was a computer scientist on two different space flights, and has many scientific degrees. Although I do not want to be an astronaut, I do want to go into a field of science when I am older, and I would like to learn more about the process of completing science degrees.

However, despite all these similarities, there are some differences between me and Payette that may become barriers. One very prominent one is that she is an astronaut, a governor general, and quite famous. I’m a highschool student. I will work to overcome this obstacle during my interviews, and try to interview someone that has a similar lifestyle to Payette, to understand more of what she does. As well as this, Julie Payette’s first language is French, and I don’t speak french, so I may not be able to understand some of her speeches. However, I could most likely find translated versions of her speeches or different french websites to overcome that obstacle.

I could see myself following a loosely similar path to Julie Payette; not in terms of fame and being the Governer General, but in terms of having diverse passions that I follow. Julie Payette has had many different achievements and they are all very different from each other. I also have many different areas I would like to pursue, and researching Julie Payette has shown that it might be possible to pursue all of them. As I mentioned earlier, I do want to get a science degree which would also be  a similar path to Julie Payette. However, an obstacle I see for myself in achieving the eminence of Julie Payette is that I won’t have enough perseverance. Payette worked and worked and worked, and she did get good results from her work, but the results don’t come without perseverance. This study may help show the steps Julie Payette went through to achieve her big goals, which may in turn help me to achieve my goals.

I would like to learn a lot of different things about my notable person through this project, and I think by doing that, and making connections, I will in turn learn a lot about myself. One big thing that I also mentioned in the last paragraph is that I want to learn about the steps she took to reach the big goals she has accomplished and what kept her inspired along the way. This will help with my goal area of procrastination on my IEP because I’m sure Julie Payette didn’t procrastinate on the way to her goals, and I will hopefully learn techniques I can use to help me with that. I also want to learn a lot about her science degrees, her classical singing, and all of the training she went through to become an astronaut and a Governer General.

The library event that I attended definitely helped solidify my eminent person. I was still a little unsure at that point if Julie Payette was who I wanted my notable to be. However, at the library I found a lot of books about Payette’s areas of study, and books about her. I started reading them there and found them super interesting. I actually ended up taking out five books! The library trip made me realize how much in depth research I could do on Julie Payette and how interesting it would be. I’m glad I chose her for my eminent person.

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