ZIP Post #4

It’s getting closer and closer to our ZIP presentations, and I feel like I am pretty much ready to present! Over the break I have worked on my presentation quite a lot, and its finally coming together. I picked out all of the information that I would be using in my PowerPoint lesson, which was really hard, because there was a lot that I wanted to include, but I have a limited amount of time for the presentation. I then went through and tried to explain everything in the simplest way possible, including examples, so that I wouldn’t be talking in words that no one else would understand. I made slides along the way, to add to what I would be teaching, and I added in a couple interactive components into my presentation to make it as engaging as possible. For this presentation, unlike most other presentations I’ve done, I’m not writing a script for myself. I usually rely on a script too much, so I’m going to try doing a presentation without one so that I can talk freely and in a way where I have to truly understand what I’m talking about rather than just reading off of a paper. All I have to do now is practice presenting, and then I will be ready to go!

Knowing what I know now, and having the experience of doing this project, I have a few pieces of advice that I might give to myself at the start of my inquiry.  The biggest lesson that I’ve learned is that if you break a project up into small enough pieces, then you can complete it without feeling any of the stress of having a big project. I wrote out my schedule for this project day by day, and even though it was flexible, I had a suggested amount of work that should be done each day. Because I had an exact schedule that I could follow, I never procrastinated, and because my topic was so interesting to me, I never got bored during any of my research. I chose a presentation style that fit best with my research, and that allowed me to work away at my final presentation without many problems at all. When I first chose my topic, I was a bit worried about completing it all, and having to finish everything within the time limit we had. So the piece of advice I would give to myself would be not to worry about completing everything to do with your topic, because that’s impossible. Don’t set a final goal until you have completed the schedule, day by day, to find out what is a realistic goal for yourself. Also, choose a topic that you are truly interested in, and your work won’t feel like homework!



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