Why Confederation is Not the Right Choice!

Many have been spreading around the idea that confederation would be beneficial in British North America, but as a strong leader in Prince Edward Island, I will be sharing the truth in this article: that confederation would be detrimental to our colony.

One of the reasons why many say we should confederate is that British North America would be able to put together our resources and create a railway across this nation, that we haven’t been able to afford in our individual colonies. This ‘great’ railway that is being proposed to run all across Canada may be of benefit to the rest of British North America, but the fact is that Prince Edward Island is composed of a small number of hard working citizens, that cannot afford such a vast project as this ludicrous railroad. It would send us into debt, rather than helping to improve the economy as is promised.

Furthermore, confederation may be of benefit to some other colonies who are struggling in their current positions, but confederation would not help us. Our colony already has what we need. We have a strong identity, an economy that is flourishing, and we already trade with other American states and Atlantic colonies. The railway that comes with confederation promises trade with other colonies, but we have no need to trade with the other colonies of British North America because we are doing just fine on our own, and therefore there is no benefit to confederating.

Finally, confederating would minimize the voice that PEI has. Prince Edward Island is a small colony, and when put in a large parliament, with other large colonies, our voice would be lost and we wouldn’t have as much say as we do now. We would submit our rights and our prosperity, in a measure, into the hands of the general government and our voice in the united Parliament would be very insignificant. Confederating would put large colonies like Canada West in a position of power over us.

Prince Edward Island should not join confederation because we cannot afford the cross colony railway, we are already in a good position as a colony, and confederating would minimize PEI’s voice. Don’t fall for the luring but false voices of pro confederation politicians like George Brown and Sir John A. Macdonald.





One thought on “Why Confederation is Not the Right Choice!”

  1. Dear Edward Palmer,

    I am looking forward to our meetings on Thursday and Friday. I am currently trying to educate myself on the ongoings of politics, so that I am prepared to take on a meaningful role in the meetings. I am a firm believer, as with yourself, that confederation is a bad idea, however I only have one source to corroborate my findings with, my father. Isn’t it true that we in PEI also have our own railway under construction, which will unionize us as a colony stronger than all others? With this railway, our importing and exporting tasks should become easier, as goods can be transported from one end of the island, to the other. This will hopefully strengthen our economy, eliminating even the possible need for confederation.

    My primary concern is that of a minimized voice should we join confederation. Our people should not matter less, because there aren’t as many of us. In my opinion, every person is equal, and deserves to be heard without the fear of silencing by forces such as rep by pop and double majority. Is there another way we can avoid these problems, besides abstaining from connection with the other colonies? There has to be a more fair system in place somewhere, no?

    Sincerely yours, Mercy Coles

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